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Hello Forgiveness, Goodbye...


Hello Forgiveness, Goodbye…

Goodbye…bitterness, shame, frustration, unrealistic expectations and the list could go on and on. Depending on how deeply the wounds of the past go, the temptation to hold on to unforgiveness can be so intense. I often want to hang onto the grudge, refusing to extend grace to the one who hurt me. I replay in my mind the words that were spoken, the betrayal that was dealt, or the dreams that seem to be stolen. In many ways, when I refuse to forgive it can be like standing too close to an open fire. I try to keep the anger and resentment warm in my heart, refusing to forgive, to keep this person from continuing to hurt me. However, unforgiveness, like open fire, can quickly get out of control and consume everything in its path. Before long, my day, my heart, and my mind will get overtaken by negative emotions and tension.

It took me a while to understand the irony of holding grudges and being unforgiving. In fighting so hard to avoid being hurt again, I simply inflicted pain on myself. When I learned to embrace forgiveness, I found incredible freedom. In saying hello to forgiveness, I could say goodbye to anger, offense, and resentment. In saying hello to forgiveness, I could also embrace love, joy and peace at the highest level. Life will at times bring heartache, disappointments and betrayals that literally steal your breath. It may be a process and it may take time, but saying hello to forgiveness is the first step towards healing. You are not alone, at ForgivenLove we stand with you saying, “Hello Forgiveness, Goodbye…”